Dennis Brown Pajero

”Mitsubishi 4WD Pajero”
A poster commemorating the victory in the three categories of the 6th Dakar Rally in 1984: modified production car class, unmodified production car class, and women’s class. It depicts Andrew Cowan’s Pajero, winner of the modified production car class. The Pajero had a 2.6-liter turbo engine from a North American Stallion tuned up and replaced at the Passenger Car Technical Center in Okazaki, Japan, as well as a strengthened drivetrain and suspension. The car was a stepping stone to its first overall victory the following year.

dennis brown mitsubishi motor sports rally

”Mitsubishi motor sports history (rally)”
An illustration for 1985 callender showing Mitsubishi’s rally history starting with the Colt 1000F. Dennis Brown’s vividly drawn scenes and beautiful hand lighting invite the viewer into the various scenes of rallying.

dennis brown motor sports racing

“Mitsubishi motor sports history (Racing)”
An illustration for 1985 callender introducing the history of Mitsubishi’s racing, starting with the Mitsubishi 500 in 1962. The Colt 1000, the Colt F2, the Colt F2000, the Stallion, etc., are depicted in a variety of tones, which shows Dennis Brown’s artistic talent.