“Mitsubisi 500”
There is no record of the Mitsubishi 500 ever racing in the U.S., but the scene, which resembles a California circuit in the 1960s inspires fantasies of a Mitsubishi 500 raced in the U.S.   1988 calendar for overseas markets

Colt Galant Hard Top

“Colt Galant Hard Top”
The Colt Galant was sold in North America as the Dodge Colt. The hardtop pictured here is the Japanese version. The style of the hardtop was elegant and well-balanced. The majestic background, which seems to be a Canadian railroad, is refreshing.   1988 calendar for overseas markets

Galant Sigma 2000 GSR turbo

”Galant Sigma 2000 GSR Turbo”
The Galant Sigma is set in an elegant resort cottage in a snowy country. The 2nd gen Sigma inherited the design theme of its predecessor, but was slightly larger and upgraded with electronic fuel injection, a drive computer, and other features.
January 1981 corporate magazine ”Suriidaiya”

Mikio Okamoto Lambda2nd

“Galant Lambda 2000 GSR Turbo”
The background could be a ski resort with a history. The chicness of the black two-door coupe comes through. The 2nd gen. Lambda inherited its predecessor’s doors, but with an enlarged wheelbase and a more sprawling style.
February 1981 corporate magazine ”Suriidaiya”

Eterna Lambda

“Eterna Lambda”
They are probably celebrating Christmas in an extremely cold village at night. The red body with the deep, clear blue background is vibrant.
December 1981 corporate magazine ”Suriidaiya”