”Mitsubishi Model-A”   by Kenji Fujimoto
The Mitsubishi A was Japan’s first mass-produced passenger car, introduced in 1918.To begin with, it was 1898 when the first automobile was imported to Japan, and around 1910 there were less than 1,000 imported cars in the whole country. In such a period, a movement to build domestic automobiles began, and the Yamaba steam car and the Kaishinsha’s Dat-go were prototyped but never reached production. Under such circumstances, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries began automobile development at the Internal Combustion Engine Plant of the Kobe Shipyard & Machinery Works by disassembling a Fiat (known as the Type 2) they had and making drawings for each part. Development was extremely challenging because of the immature manufacturing technology, but 22 units were produced, almost all by hand. However, at the request of the Army, the development of aircraft took precedence over that of automobiles, and production of the Mitsubishi A ended.

“Mitsubishi Model-A Driver’s View”   by Kenji Fujimoto
The caption in the picture is intended to be a promotional statement for the Mitsubishi Model A.

“4WD PX-33″  Arrist unknown
The PX-33 was a 4-wheel drive vehicle built at the request of the Japanese Army. The prototype was completed in 1934, and although four were produced in 1937, it was never mass-produced. In the background is the German Dornier Do-X flying boat, which was produced around that time and was called the “luxury liner of the sky.

“4WD PX-33 #2”   Artist unknown
PX-33 against the backdrop of mid-20th century American air racing

“BS-43”   Artist unknown

“TD-35”   Artist unknown