About us

We, the “Mitsubishi Car Design Trails Committee”, are a group of volunteers of
former designers from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.

       Kiyoshi Honda  (Representative)
         Shinichi Mitsuhashi  (Advisor)
       Hidetoshi Aoki
         Masashi Iwata
         Michiro Eguchi
         Eiichi Okuma
       Akinori Nakanishi
         Hiroshi Mizutani 
         (As of September 2022)

Background and objectives

Around the year 2020, we noticed that there was incorrect information about the design of Mitsubishi cars on various websites, including the Japanese Wikipedia. It is normal that the details of design development within a company have not been openly disclosed to the public, and it is not surprising that such false speculation has arisen.  On the other hand, it is unfortunate that people do not have a proper understanding of the vehicles that we have worked so hard to design. Therefore, we decided to create a website that would provide the design story and illustrations of Mitsubishi’s old cars to the world from both a design and an art perspective.

In the past, only a small part of the car design process was open to the public as a business secret. But now, more than 30 years later, few things must be kept secret. How did the designers of that time create their designs? What kind of twists and turns did they go through in the design process? And what do they think now, looking back on those days?

We believe that the stories of these former designers have cultural significance as a record of creative activities at a time when car manufacturing was at the center of Japan’s economy and society.

We will continue to post design stories of vehicles that are not currently listed and new
illustrations as they become available.

Supporting Organizations and Individuals

We would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their cooperation in various ways in the making of this website. 

   Design Division, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
   Mitsubishi Auto Gallery, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
  Toyota Automobile Museum
   Shinichi Oki, former director of Mitsubishi Auto Gallery
   Masayuki Yoshikawa, Yaesu Publishing Co.
   Kouya Watabe
   Makoto Okawa
     WordPress Support Forum
     (Honorifics omitted, unordered)

We would also like to thank those who provided images for our site.


All information (text, images, etc.) on this site may not be used without prior permission.