Design development stories and illustrations of old Mitsubishi cars

Mitsubishi Motors’ full-fledged car design history began in 1956, when the postwar turmoil had subsided and the economy and standard of living had begun to improve. The designers began their unprecedented work from scratch, eventually catching up with the world’s standards and creating designs that were uniquely Mitsubishi. In the process, the designers struggled in many ways. In this site, the designers tell their stories of their experiences at the design development site, and look back on those days.

There is no other industrial product to which users are more attached than the automobile. A car is a driver’s friend and lover. One of the ways to enjoy these beloved cars is through car illustrations. When a car is rendered through the sensitivity of an illustrator, a rich message as art is created there. This site also presents works of various old Mitsubishi cars drawn by professionals and amateurs.

Mitsubishi Auto Gallery
Toyota Automobile Museum
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